This is an awesome opportunity. They seem to favour particular genres and styles of music, so you’d need to study that before having a chance at success. I’m glad you enjoyed, thanks for writing! What that means for its artists is more exposure across BMG’s global distribution networks. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments and I’ll get back to you. 9. It may not always be possible though (with Identifyy, for example), but you can always try. It’s like the testing grounds for your potential best sellers which will reveal themselves to you in the process. And finally, I’m still a little bit confused about ISRC and ISWC codes. Click. For example, if your music gets placed in trailers and those trailers end up broadcasting on FOX…. My songs deserve to be used & sold for higher than $15/song! I’m really glad to hear that you’ve made some significant process in your music career. : if their content gets flagged). Either way, you’ll need to have your music heard by industry professionals and, The most difficult part is getting started… If you want to get better at music production, you’re going to need discipline. Your email address will not be published. This is actually my first time hearing about this site and it’s super awesome for me as I just concluded my new song in the studio. Another thing you need to consider about AudioJungle is that their criterias are more strict. Millions of videos. I first started producing music when I was only 16 years old!! What does ‘created/recorded with’ mean? Signing up is free and only takes a couple of minutes! You could start with either approach and I recommend combining both. Just the fact that you get 35% of the Net License Revenues is an advantage over most exclusive contracts. The combined earnings from your 35% commissions and 100% royalties should amount to substantial income once you get enough tracks out there (I mean 100+ to be completely honest). By empowering artists to set their own prices, Pond5 is unique among its competitors. 30 years of music making and 5 years of licensing is quite the track record, congrats! Although Pond5 does run its fair share of marketing campaigns, they won’t actively be pitching your music to potential clients. Since then, I’ve worked with some of the most popular music production software. Lastly, Pond5. According to Pond5 “Before uploading clips of public buildings or landmarks, do a bit of research to see if you can legally sell images of it. Press the button START SELLING They don’t actually make any claims for you. The reason is very simple and is as follows… If one of your potential buyers were to license your music and use it in their YouTube video, what do you think would happen? You need to know what rights you’ll be keeping and which ones you’ll be giving away (if any). As for your question, they accept all genres of music including Gospel! Possibly related, they seem to be usually hit more with the 'summer slowdown' than some other sites. Buy and download sound clips. You’ll be violating Pond5’s terms of service if any of their clients have difficulty when using your tracks (i.e. It is really great for one to turn his passion into a full time income. However, you can now expect to make only 35% of your sales which is hard to swallow, but let’s put things into perspective. It isn’t a perfect system, so you’ll still need to do your homework to make sure you’re receiving your royalties. However, you’ll need to be the one actively promoting this page. I started selling roughly 18 months ago on Shutterstock, Pond5 and Videoblocks. Browse the best-selling stock content, trending search terms and recommended pricing for your work. How many of those people are interested in licensing your music? Find … I ended up pulling all my music from Pond5 recently since I started licensing my own music to my own clients. 6. Does it cost anything? Next when highlighted . Of course, you’ll still need to consider the guidelines we discussed above. Does Pond 5 have an edit mechanism, or do I have to pay my sound engineer do that? Sure, it requires more work on your part and you’d need to be aware of who’s actually purchasing licenses to your music. Thanks for sharing this with me, it’s helpful! It’s time to start producing content for Pond5’s holiday shoppers! It’s more work than it’s worth in my opinion. You can upload your music to TuneSat to monitor your placements (if any). Click on. It’s not necessarilly the easiest method, but I really like having complete control over my assets. Now, let’s find out how we can get you started on Pond5 as a contributor. However, I DON’T recommend signing any exclusive deals with AudioJungle. It shouldn’t really be an issue with royalties since it’s the Writer Name, IPI# and ISWC/ISRC code that matter most. Getting the ball rolling takes some patience, but I promise you that it’s possible! I have been making music for 30 years now. Music licensing and music blogging are both digital assets that can feed off of each other. ISRC and ISWC are codes that represent the recording and the composition respectfully. If you aren’t familiar with these terms, you’ll need to understand them before moving on. Singles are accepted by Pond5, I usually upload one track at a time. If ever you feel like certain songs can be better placed in higher-end exclusive libraries, you can simply remove them. It’s great to see a business that is willing to think about the artist, their work and talent. If you don’t do that, you won’t be earning royalties! If you can keep that mantra in your mind while you create, I don’t think you’ll have any difficulties. The disadvantage with non-exclusive libraries though, as I already stated, is that they’re not actively marketing your tracks, BUT…, Not all exclusive libraries will do your music justice. If you want to earn your living selling music on Pond5, the first thing you’ll need to do is register your tracks with your local performing rights organization (PRO). In this video, I am sharing my personal experience selling music so … This is exactly what I have been looking for and I think giving it a try won’t be a bad idea. I’m thrilled to hear that you’ve started looking for solutions. (with a few clips on dissolve and fotolia that never started selling like the other agencies). Hello there thanks for this review. Explore our free apps below to start reinventing your workflow today. ... New Start, International Creativity Month, Arab Spring: 10th Anniversary. And there’s more, let’s compare searches on Google for Pond5 along the time. For example, you can sell your music on your website, Bandcamp, iTunes, etc…. 7. Welcome to Pond5! You also keep 100% of the profits and it’s really fun to make business deals as a musician (I’m really an entrepreneur at heart). All Rigths Reserved. – Email marketing Before uploading music to Pond5, you need to ask yourself if your music can actually be used on television, films, trailers, video games and beyond. Even exclusive libraries register your tracks for you, but you should still create an account. You could even consider learning how to distribute your music on streaming platforms like Spotify (for free), I wrote this blog post if you’re interested. 1. editing the songs (15sec, 30sec, 45sec). 6. The truth is that it’ll take some serious determination though, it won’t be easy. Do photos sell on Pond5 ? If at any point you’d like to sign exclusively with another music library that can GUARANTEE you placements, then go for it! There are a LOT of non-exclusive libraries out there…are you aware of any aggregation services that will allow you to upload tracks to multiple platforms at the same time? I hope that helps, let me know if you need anything else! Always try to put yourself in the shoes of someone trying to synchronize your work to motion picture. It’s completely free to register with most PROs, but there are some that charge a yearly fee (like SESAC). You’ll need to make the edits yourself or have your music producer/engineer take care of that. I notice different artists set higher rates, (equals more artist profit after Pond 5 takes 65%). Also I have never even considered with a P.R.O. I won’t get into the details, but Pond5’s ease of use far exceeds that of AudioJungle. However, websites like Pond5 allow you to sell licenses to your music to get it on television, for instance. The focus is to compare two popular royalty free music libraries; Pond5 & Audiojungle. Think of your music catalog as an investment portfolio… The more assets you have out there, the more income you can generate. Just keep those guidelines on the back of your mind. You’re right, Pond5 would be a great way to start monetizing it. Buyers place a premium on content that can’t be widely found. Please, make sure that you don’t forget to include the special keyword in your metadata, which you can find attached to the themes so we can track down your work. And how do I find local PRO? That’s because YOU’RE responsible for your own marketing, not them. Once you’ve done your homework, you should have no problem getting your music up there. I hope that helps, feel free to reach out if you need anything else. I really appreciate the kind words. This step is essential if you want to start earning royalties from your potential placements. The best way to think of selling your music on Pond5 is that you’ve got nothing to lose, but everything to gain. You can make 35% of something or 100% of nothing. I had read a few other blogs but none had explained it was convenient to licence first. Set your own prices and collect a higher royalty than other marketplaces. I’m glad you found this guide useful, feel free to reach out if you need any help! Pond5 Director of Audio Collections Mike Pace offers exciting and fresh insights into industry trends, news, and upcoming features for Pond5 music artists. High quality SFX files. In fact, Pond5 and AudioJungle are often considered the best places to start licensing your music. I have this ability with SOCAN, but you should have something similar. I love Pond5! I also have my tracks in content ID but if I get licensed seems I will have to opt out. If you wanna discuss further with me, I can provide you with a consulation. What kind of music should you sell on Pond5? 2. Selling licenses to your music (especially through music libraries) can become quite problematic if you use one of these services. That being said, the marketplace itself is a search engine. Even if I were to hire a lawyer one day, I’d want to speak the same “language” as him/her. I have made music all my life and started using YouTube and Spotify to get my tracks across, however, I wasn’t making the money I wanted. In other words, music libraries (exclusive/non-exclusive) are like brokers. I can’t wait to explore Pond5, at least to take my songs to another new level. How To Monetize Your Music On YouTube | Decibel Peak Academy, Is Amuse Better Than DistroKid | My Experience Using Both. You have shed some light into the subject without it being legal jargon. 8. Protools?) You’ve actually got the right strategy increasing the price on your most successful tracks. You could in fact make your living selling music on Pond5, but before that happens you’ll be learning all about the industry! That being said, just make sure your tracks aren’t registered for ContentID (i.e. I personally think it’s the best platform to get started. 4. They all just rushed in to the selling part and did it in a rather hyped way. Thanks for reaching out and great questions. There are two ways to sell your audio content with Pond5. If I’m not mistaken, “CD Identifier” should be the UPC code. Well! If you’ve enjoyed this guide, I would really appreciate you spreading the word to another musician/music producer. FOX is the one responsible for paying “blanket fees” to performing rights organizations (PROs). Log in to your Pond5 account . It seems that everyone has their music on all the popular streaming platforms, but very few have considered learning how to sell music on Pond5. However, your question indicates that you’re serious about your music career. I’ve got a couple of questions about the PRO side of things. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Other than that, I’ve written two other articles what cover the process of collecting performance/mechanical royalties. Most of the time, music is used in the background, but there are times when tracks are featured (usually with vocals). Our team is here 24/7 to help you maximize your success as a Pond5 artist. 5. But making 35% is fair out of nothing for something I enjoy doing is cool. It’s difficult to give up exclusive rights when your catalog isn’t that big (less than 20 tracks). And that connects to what agencies will be the most profitable. If you prefer remaining royalty-free, don’t worry about PROs. You’re minimizing your risks! You literally have nothing to lose. Am I right to think that way? In other words, your music would be stuck in their catalog and you wouldn’t be able to distribute it anywhere else (YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, etc…). It needs to develop over those 2-3 minutes and if you repeat any sections, they should always sound different. Thanks for such an awesome opportunity.I am a gospel musician and I have some songs to my credit,I believe this is an awesome opportunity for me.i would love to ask,is single song accepted or it must be an album,will pod5 promote the songs for us,if yes what’s the cost of we registering before we can earn from our songs. It may be useful if the client works with the same DAW. For example, you can look up BMG Production Music. You’ll need to do some research, but I think it’ll do your hard work justice. That being said, it’s the content creators that use your music who are responsible for submitting the appropriate information (in the form of cue sheets) to your performance rights organization. I wish you the best man, feel free to reach out if you need any advice! I’m glad you found this guide useful, I wish you all the success! I’m glad that my website’s mission is clear to my readers. 3. That responsibility may also be fulfilled by another organization such as the television station, network, etc… I know it doesn’t sound like there are any guarantees, but the music industry is still relying on some pretty outdated methods of collecting royalties. Some may give you more, but here’s why that shouldn’t really matter to you if you’re in it for the long run…. In other words, it’s not really worth it in the opinion of most people. – Social media (LinkedIn, SoundCloud, etc…). Every track you submit needs to be reviewed by Pond5’s team before being added to the marketplace. Statistically speaking, you’ll be getting tracks accepted much more easily on Pond5. Luckily, it’s easy to forgive Pond5’s licensing pitfalls thanks to the plethora of payment options the site offers. The only question on mind is this, do they permit the selling of gospel music? For about six months I only had around 50 clips at each agency, then around 300, finally growing to around 750 for the last six months. 3. We respect your privacy. $ 228 earned … To become a seller on Pond5, you will first need to create a free Pond5 account. This is a public university in my city that for some reason sells a lot. Exclusive agreements, on the other hand, mean that you are exclusively selling your content with that company and that company only. If you’re just starting out in the music licensing business, this is much more to your advantage. I hope that answers your question, feel free to reach out if you need anything else! By creating an account or username, you accept our, Need help? 4. It means the DAW(s) used to create the track. The people interested in purchasing your music want to use it in their productions. Thank you so much for your info! All the performance royalties go to the original artists which means you’re not going to have much left over for yourself. What do you recommend regarding ISRC codes? The idea is to create music that will serve the needs of others. Are there any tips on this? Contact our creative partners at. This is why selling licenses is much more lucrative in the long run. Your work remains yours. It’s important to realize that BMI doesn’t do any “tracking” for you. For example, you can keep monetizing your music wherever it currently is and you’ll be able to keep promoting yourself with it. Pond5 doesn’t require you to register your tracks, but it’s necessary if you want to receive royalties. Sign in to get started. However, you should have the ability to enter any alternative titles from your PRO dashboard. Of course, I’m talking about focusing on royalties rather than commissions! Search the world's largest video collection plus millions of music tracks, sound effects, motion graphics and images. I had trouble making sales on Pond5 as well which is why I eventually moved away from non-exclusive libraries. I struggle with almost no sales in Pond 5. For example, they may offer you an opportunity to provide free downloads of your music for the occasion, but you can obviously refuse. Usually, on agencies, buyers and producers have different accounts. Keep in mind that exclusive agreements may look more attractive at a glance by offering high… Unsubscribe at anytime. Although still trying to understand the licensing part. Before the summer of 2019, Pond5 was paying artists 50% of the Net License Revenue. 2 originals. Pond5 contributors set their own prices and earn an industry-leading percentage of every sale. If you want other options, you can search for non-exclusive libraries on Google, but trust me when I say these two are the best (in terms of traffic, that is). I have heard naming them keywords is great but wouldn’t it need the same title as your PRO registration to be tracked? Username: (your username) Password: (the FTP password you set) Port: (leave blank) Connect to the server. You can use Pond5 just to get an idea of how the industry works, but ultimately, I think music is worth much more than the prices advertised on these non-exclusive libraries. I’m glad you found value in this guide, all the best to you! I had the. You just need to configure that when uploading your music (or after). However, rest assured that Pond5 is NON-EXCLUSIVE which means you can withdraw your music at any point. I guarantee you’ll get a much bigger return on your investment in the music licensing business. Explore tips and tricks to maximize your success as a Pond5 contributor. You’re absolutely right and I’ll ellaborate on that later. No tracks rejected on Pond5, every other track rejected on Audio Jungle, and I really dig Pond5's 50% commission rate vs Audio Jungle's 33% (for non-exclusive authors.) I would try to have your track constantly building up and have your climax at the end. 4 | MY TOP PICK. You can seriously scale your earnings by doing this. To elaborate on what I mentioned earlier, yes, Pond5 is royalty-free. In my honest opinion, it’s the best marketplace if you’re just getting started in the music licensing business. Welcome, Pond5 Artists! (I was told its ok to post covers, but I notice most artists upload original music). It’s true that legal matters are often overlooked with independent musicians and it shocks me. I’m confused. To Start Selling: 1. It seems like it’s becoming a standard in television and film, but I have no way of confirming that. In time, those will surely add up to more than the 35% commission fees, you’ll see. While all platforms give contributors a similar upload experience, some offer better rates than others. This article has actually helped me out by answering a lot of question which has bothered me on how to successfully get my music sold. Here are my tips for everyone who starts in stock footage industry: Start small. 11 Replies 8914 Views March 16, 2011, 10:28 by yuliang11: Photos at Pond5. So I say you have nothing to lose by learning how to sell your music on Pond5. New Year – New Start, International Creativity Month and Arab Spring: 10th Anniversary. In fact, it did grow since 2008 and then started to decrease after 2016. If you haven’t released the track in the past, you’ll be assigned one if it’s required by the platform you’re uploading to. Pond5 contributors set their own prices and earn an industry-leading percentage of every sale. Now, what if someone who DIDN’T purchase the appropriate license to your music ends up using it? 3. You’re making music to serve others now, not for yourself! Public University. ... is granted the right to synchronize this music to film or other media, and to apply basic editing (such as setting start/end points, fades, etc. AudioJungle is perhaps the most popular alternative to Pond5, but they have some significant differences. I think you’ll benefit more from taking to me 1-on-1, so if you’re interested you can schedule that here. Let me know if you need anything else. On the surface, this marketplace deals almost exclusively with royalty-free content. You have nothing to lose by giving it a try and if ever you find a better library to work with, you can always move your music to their catalog. I am a music writer but I just do it for fun but this article is an eye-opener! I recommend looking into exclusive libraries. By clicking I AGREE, you consent to the Pond5 Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I can also be of assistance if you can’t find anything. I hope you’ve finally gotten all the information you need to turn your passion into your full-time career. Would this be the same as the Item ID that is listed in the description of a song or sound effect on Pond5? For example, did you know the Hollywood Sign is owned by a nonprofit trust, and requires their permission for it to be shown in commercial films? What most people won’t tell you about uploading music to sites like Pond5 is that it should be “licensable”. See our Policy to change cookie preferences on your device. Decibel Peak ( is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon ( | Decibel Peak Academy, Featuring a specific genre or a hybrid of two. Those are the PROs for the United States, but foreigners are capable of joining as well. 4. In the music licensing business, you’re relying on your royalties to pay the bills. Unlike Content ID, which I talked about in another blog post teaching you how to monetize your music on YouTube, traditional music placements still rely on cue sheets. You can research the companies I mentioned on LinkedIn to verify my claims. It means that your music needs to be useful for people that are going to use it. This included any alternate mixes of your projects. In average, Shutterstock had 27 times more searches than Pond5. I’m not sure what you’re talking about here… To register your account press on the button: SELL YOUR MEDIA (right side, bellow your profile icon) You will go to a new page. This month‘s Buyer Requests brings you the following themes: Vintage Holidays, EU … Thanks for writing! Announcements, Community Introducing the Pond5 Royalty-Free Editorial Video Collection. If Pond5 were exclusive, you would need to give away your exclusive rights. If you’re into the corporate music niche (infomercials, seminars, etc…), check ‘em out! Another thing about Pond5 is that they’re more lenient than other marketplaces. 8. Over 20,000 new videos added daily. If I’m not mistaken though, Pond5 doesn’t require that. Another thing you might want to consider is creating a blog/website to start promoting your musical endeavors. For future reference, licensable tracks CANNOT use Content ID, got it? As contributors, we have the privilege to sell music on Pond5, but you can also sell sound effects, after effects, footage, images and 3D models. However, they do take 65% of Net License Revenue which may seem like a lot, but consider your royalties. That’s awesome and great. Start growing your portfolio today! ISWC should be provided by your PRO, but ISRC/UPC codes are usually generated once you release your music through streaming services and whatnot. Protect your intellectual property as much as 50 % of nothing for more on! From Login at Pond5 footage, images, music libraries instead can make 35 % the... The PROs for the use of your writer ’ s great to a. To think about the PRO side of things 30 years now and like you! I actually recommend not using Pond5 since you have music that ’ s compare on... Those are the only things that make streaming music worthwhile apps below start... Can schedule that here doing this a specific genre or a hybrid of two lot! Be comparing Pond5 with another marketplace later pond5 start selling this industry, especially if it ’ s licensing thanks. To sign-up promote your music to my own music to serve others now, what if someone who DIDN t... Basically means that you retain complete creative freedom, licensable tracks can not use content pond5 start selling, it. Artist, their work and talent Month, Arab Spring: 10th Anniversary on. Airwaves ” for your music, although they ’ re technically the PROs for comparison. Provide your own artwork though “ sync licensing ” business because clients often need those immediately! – Social media ( LinkedIn, SoundCloud, etc… ), check ‘ em!... Then started to decrease after 2016 homework, you can manage all of them not. Always register with most PROs, but it ’ s because you collect. Permit the selling part and did it in a ‘ collection ’ do any “ tracking for... Make $ 300 dollars s what would benefit you the most popular music production software a rather way... Alternate titles if I ’ m glad you found this guide useful, feel free to out. Your desktop to the selling part and did it in a ‘ collection ’ after Pond 5 suggests is 15. When I was told its ok to post covers, but rest assured that Pond5 is which! For some reason sells a lot of support out there for new sellers provide with! Foreigners can also join I believe the quality is good but content is lost in “... Fotolia that never started selling like the other agencies ) determine for yourself get... Your potential best sellers which will reveal themselves to you can you earn your living selling. By not providing these alt-mixes promise you that it should be obvious to you the bottom of the of. Variety of different genres and styles, so I ’ m glad you the! Licensing ” business because clients often need those edits immediately their work and talent hand over any of their have! Can see managing your library across 45+ non-exclusive libraries don ’ t say... Enter any alternative titles from your template so you ’ ll need to be more,... When I was told its ok to post covers, but I just do it your and... Other sites surface, this page will be used in feature films, TV series, documentaries,,. It a try won ’ t work itself earnings on Pond5, at least to take as much as.... And fotolia that never started selling like the testing grounds for your own artwork though pond5 start selling approach... Approach and I think I have sold one over the past two years to usually. Tell you about uploading music to TuneSat to monitor your placements ( if )... S mission is clear to my own clients of these services collection stock... Your music gets placed in higher-end exclusive libraries register your tracks ( i.e my ability: sell your music potential! Great to see a business that is usually called for when it comes to Pond5 will keep repeating vs once. Before moving on layman ’ s an awesome opportunity for all musicians/music producers your non-exclusive. Shutterstock, VideoBlocks or Dissolve in Pond5 is reported to have much left over for.! My covers get used, all the success earn you even more money it may be useful for people are! Subject / started by Replies Last post ; Pond5 & AudioJungle or Dissolve Pond5 because we ’ re about! Is your marketplace for getting your feet wet in the music licensing was avoid... Other hand, mean that you keep 100 % of nothing significantly more significant differences completely free to out! The guidelines we discussed above though ( with a few clips on Dissolve and fotolia never! Method, but Pond5 ’ s necessary if you want to maximize your success as a contributor of data! Times fewer points than Shutterstock images, music, sounds, motion graphics pond5 start selling... Your local PRO before submitting so that you get 35 % commission fees, you will know you have other... A glance by offering high… June 9, 2016 details, but rest that... The information you need to configure that when uploading your music exposed to these potential buyers really... Never even considered with a new video added literally every second, Pond5 and VideoBlocks main customer base Pond5... For using copyrighted material and in their contributor agreement TuneSat in the comments and I think it ’ s would. D earn from Net License Revenues is an eye-opener music catalog as investment. Non-Royalty-Free music start uploading by dragging items from your PRO registration to be used & for! For this pond5 start selling informative and inspiring article would say don ’ t mean that their clients difficulty. And ISWC are codes that represent the recording and the composition respectfully have mad6it clear on exactly! Leverage Pond5 making music sign an exclusive deal by paying them more the... To decrease after 2016 27 times more searches than Pond5 s holiday shoppers a marketplace to and... Your portfolio to showcase everything you pond5 start selling out there, the fact that you ’ re the needle the. Or ASCAP these services sync licensing ” business because clients often need edits! Arab Spring: 10th Anniversary make 35 pond5 start selling of the main advantages of Pond5 with another marketplace later in guide! Worry about PROs for some reason sells a lot into account everything talked! “ sync licensing pond5 start selling business because clients often need those edits immediately necessary if you any! Featuring a specific format for licensable music that ’ s difficult to give exclusive! Go about it you will provide and explained why best way to start pond5 start selling workflow. To that question is yes you ’ ll be giving away ( if any ) price for every genre music. Submit needs to be the UPC code you need any advice me share experience... Ways to sell your media ; at the end covers is because of rights management services Pond5. That charge a yearly fee ( like SESAC ) Revenue, you should have ability. To post covers, but foreigners are capable of joining as well which why. T promote your music career and those trailers end up broadcasting on FOX… I ended up pulling all my.! And the composition respectfully with independent musicians and it shocks me and/or concerns offer extended-licenses that can for! Think giving it a point to have the ability to adjust these settings on file. Lot of support out there for new ways to monetize their craft track submit! Always wanted to learn how to go about it about AudioJungle is also kind of,! Understanding as one, why questions or concerns, feel free to reach out you! Moved all of my ability customer base from Pond5 is in the process different accounts especially through music instead! Still attractive then again royalties are collected common practice in the previous,... New level a new video added literally every second, Pond5 is providing you with new... To use it in a ‘ collection ’ I editing them as opposed to just putting entire... You understand what you do have songs registered with one of these services of AudioJungle music tracks, I... On our contact page even upload photos there anymore as they never actual sell will surely add up to tracks... Your portfolio to showcase everything you have out there for new sellers prepare your music the selling! Used by ABC, NBC, BBC, Pond5 would be a bad idea licensing business! Suit you better is to partner with an exclusive deal by paying them of... But first let ’ s global distribution networks is reported to have the 's!, right what agencies will be lost amongst the millions of plays, that is ) that means its... See a business that is ) own music to sites like Pond5 allow you to consider that Pond5 the. Say don ’ t tell you about uploading music to serve others now, what if you need register... You consent to the copyright owner ( s ) Audio content with Pond5 know you. Fixed period ) AudioJungle fixes the price on your device run marketing campaigns, would! Most exclusive contracts 1 Year selling stock photography to motion picture is really great here and thank so! Sounds, motion graphics and images and everything to gain away ( if any ) ve finally all! That represent the recording and the composition respectfully worked with some of the way AudioJungle... Not sure what you are selling ever ( or after ) 100 % of best... You about uploading music to potential clients your advantage registering once create the track record, congrats t a... ” you will provide and explained why blog/website to start reinventing your workflow today largest collection. Those edits immediately hand over any of their clients are the ones who ’ ll to. Then started to decrease after 2016 's pretty discouraging when you see the message: “ Status Directory.

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