- The referee should award fouls if neccesary but would not be as strict as a normal referee. He could improve on his positioning around the box by looking to find space in that area in a competitive training session. Goalkeepers have to wear goalkeeper gloves. Creating space is not one of my strongest abilities but not one that I need to look at a lot to improve on as much as others. Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 First Award in Sport. Unit code: D/502/5412 QCF Level 2: BTEC First Credit value: 10 Guided learning hours: 60 Aim and purpose The aim of this unit is to develop learner knowledge of the rules, skills and techniques for one team and one individual sport through practical application. It briefly goes through the questions to let you have a look at the set up of an onscreen test for BTEC Sport level 2. - You are offside when you the ball is played to you and you are behind the last defender, - Fouls result in a free-kick to the opposition. After the referee makes a controversial decision he is often left being crowded by the referee by the team who has had the decision given against them. When he did get back to defend for opposition corner kicks he wasn't very useful despite being the tallest player on the field. Captain's wouldn't really be neccesary in a game with young children, so i wouldn't have a captain on each time. BTEC Firsts in Sport (2018) Specification. The BTEC Level 1/Level 2 First Award in Sport is taught over 120 guided learning hours (GLH). Caught offside at times and didn’t make any strong runs. Zigic has plenty of space for long balls which were directed towards him, the opposition tended to leave him free and back off Zigic as he is hard to beat in the air which gave him plenty of space. I have chosen to analyse my performance in football. If i was to try and improve on the frequency that I create space, then I would improve on this through training. Fitness for Sport and Exercise 43 Unit 2: Practical Performance in Sport 53 Unit 3: ... give learners opportunities to link education and the world of work in engaging, There were two exam units on this course and that was Unit 1 and Unit 2 all of the other Units are assignment based. - I would keep this rule the same as it is a basic scoring system and doesn't need to be modified. I would make the teams as equal as possible, so i would change this rule to 6 or 7 a side. These assignments are of 'Sample' standard. Through a combination of practical experience and written assignments, these vocational qualifications provide level 2 learners with the knowledge, skills and understanding needed for a career in the sector. This is because I have good positioning, a strong enough tackling ability. He could improve on this by making more runs in competitive games and training sessions and giving his team mates a good option in attacking areas to pass to. BTEC Firsts in Sport (Level 2) – 2018 – Unit 1 – Fitness for Sport and Exercise [Powerpoint] BTEC Firsts in Sport (Level 2) – 2018 – Unit 3 – Learning Aim A – Applying the Principles of Personal Training [Powerpoint] BTEC Firsts in Sport (2012) Specification Created: Dec 11, 2017| Updated: Apr 27, 2020. Gareth Bale is able to ease past the opposition along with Aaron Lennon into positions where they can either find the net or cross the ball into the box for there strikers to find the net. The 4-2-3-1 formation is a formation that has recentley started being common in European football and mainly Italian football. It is one of my weaker defensive abilities but I am capable at tackling and it's not as necessary. But at other times he was left isolated when Birmingham were attacking, and didn't seem to look to move in to space. Only strong at finishing from close distances. The law still allows teams to crowd the referee which doesn't help the referee officiate. ame was on the weak areas to his game. BTEC Sport This qualification is a Level 2 qualification, and the certification may show a grade of Level 2 Pass, Level 2 Merit, Level 2 Distinction or Level 2 Distinction*. Taken from the corner of whichever side the ball exited the field. - A throw in is awarded when the ball crosses the touchline on the length of the pitch, against the team who last touched the ball. NCFE VCERT Level 1 Health and Fitness - Complete course set up! Crowding the referee isn't an offence in football, and there have been calls to change the law so that only the captain to talk to the referee like in rugby. Our resources are always fully editable. Won the majority of aerial battles and was strong in the air. I could improve on my longer distanced shooting ability through training involving the practising of long distance shooting and I could improve on my dribbling by dribbling in and out of cones which would improve my dribbling technique. possesion of the ball which would improve his performances. Are you teaching BTEC Sport Level 2 and want to see a Distinction example of Unit 6 - Leading Sports Activities? - I would make the pitch smaller, and the goal area smaller for younger children alhough I would keep the pitch rectangular. FAQs How can I view the videos in the test? The 4-5-1 formation relies on the wingers to support the lone striker when they are attacking if they are going to be succesful. -  It's not crucial to play the game on a grass or astroturf, you can play on concrete as long as you have the appropriate footwear for the type of surface your playing on. - The goals are 7.32 metres apart from each over and the crossbar is 2.44 metres off the ground. - Corner flags wouldn't really be needed on a smaller pitch. Attacking is an ability that I need to improve on through training. - Football can be played on a grass or astroturf pitch. BTEC Business Level 3 - Unit 2: Developing a Marketing Campaign. About the Course. Very good at controlling the ball and passing the ball to team mates. Contractions are made from 3 different energy systems; Creatine Phosphate, Lactic Acid and Aerobic energy systems. Practical Performance in Sport Unit 2 Revision Guide & Work Booklet. This was the start of my IT Career. BTEC Level 2 First in Sport. I would change this rule to make the teams smaller. Tactics can change depending on who the opposition is, as you want to adjust to there style of play or try and counter there style of play by playing to there weakness or matching up to there strengths. - The ball must be spherical, with a circumference between 27 and 28 inches. The BTEC Level 3 National Level Sport covers three mandatory uni… Unit 6: Leading Sports Activities Learning aim C Review the planning and leading of sports activities. Shin pads could be worn for protection and goalkeepers should wear goalkeepr gloves. Bale can also use his long throw to find the likes of Peter Crouch in the box and cross the ball into the targetmen like Peter Crouch. Covers the criteria for learning aims A B and C (except the demonstration of skills) A - Understand the rules, regulations and scoring systems for selected sports B - Practically demonstrate skills, techniques and tactics in selected sports C - Be able to review sports performance If these are not achieved a Level 1 or Unclassified grade may be awarded. 2 BTEC Level 3 National Sport: Development, Coaching & Fitness Unit Certificate Subsidiary Diploma Diploma 20 Talent Identification & Development in Sport 21 Sport & Exercise Massage ü 22 Rules, Regulations & Officiating in Sport ü 23 Organising Sports Events ü 24 Physical Education & the Care of Children & Young People ü ü 25 Sport as a Business ü 26 Work Experience in Sport … Sample Content. The strikers with a better work rate will help out their side by chasing back closer to their goal and will help their side earn possesion, but Zigic didn't do this during the game. Unit 24: Work Experience in Sport 291 Annexe A 305 Personal, learning and thinking skills 305 Annexe B 309 Level 2 Functional Skills 309 ... Annexe D 315 Summary of units in the BTEC Level 1/Level 2 First in Sport 315. Are you teaching BTEC Sport Level 2 and want to see a Distinction example of Unit 2 - Practical Sports Performance. The purpose of Level 2 Workskills is to progress learners who are motivated by the prospect of work into the workplace. If your work is graded If I improved on both of those abilities then I would be a lot stronger attacking. My work rate isn't one of my stronger abilities but isn't an ability that needs to be worked on as much as things such as shooting, dribbling or attacking. Able to play the duration of a game. Most other sides, especially those who tend to play direct long balls like Blackburn tend to use the 4-4-2 formation aswell. Don't keep the ball close enough to my feet. This LATEST package covers all units for the NEW BTEC First in Sport (2018).This Level 2 Specification and has been approved for the 2022 KS4 List for schools in England.. BTEC Firsts Level 1/2 in Sport- Retired Test Version 3 Unit 1: Fitness for Sport and Exercise 2. These assignments are of 'Sample' standard. You could rotate 3 teams who could play 2 at a time. - Equipment needed: club kits, shin pads, socks and studded boots or trainers (depending on the pitch surface). The centre midfielders don't really look to get forward and the team tends to sit back but when they gain possesion the quick attacking players of the team look to get forward. BTEC in Sport Level 2 – Unit 6 Leading Sports Activities powerpoint HERE and linked student assignment booklet HERE. PowerPoint resource to guide students to complete Learning Aim C of BTEC Sport Level 2 - Unit 2 - Practical Performance in Sport. Wasn’t involved in defensive play from anything other than set pieces. These PowerPoints are ready to use or can be adjusted to suit your class. The 4-4-2 is the most common formation in British football and most teams, especially in the lower leagues tend to use this formation. All of there players are good on the ball and are good passers of the ball so that they can keep on the ball and dominate the games as they keep the ball for such long periods of the games they play in which tires the opposition as they are left just to chase down the attack. Not a key area to improve on. - I would make the goalposts shorter and the crossbar lower so that the younger children wouldn't beable to reach across a bigger. The exam contains a mixture of multiple choice, short and long answer questions. http://d.yimg.com/i/ng/sp/empics/20100826/22/2176142187-26082010220044.jpg, http://images.icnetwork.co.uk/upl/birmmail/aug2010/9/3/image-1-for-derby-county-v-birmingham-city-gallery-203150727.jpg. Aston Villa play a counter-attacking style of football. Direct free kick - Allows the team to take a direct shot at the opponent’s goal. As you will see below there is links to each unit that I have covered. BTEC Sport Assessment Guides available as both books and online Dynamic Learning resources for Unit's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 BTEC Level 1/Level 2 First Extended Certificate in Sport BTEC Level 1/Level 2 First Diploma in Sport The sample test demonstrates some of the mechanisms used within an onscreen test. This website and its content is subject to our Terms and Got in areas to win headers and hold the ball up. Unit Assignments and lesson resouces will appear here: please check regularly Unit 16: Exercise for Specific Groups assignment-1 assignment-2 assignment-3 lesson Resources lesson 1: Exercise for Specific Groups 1 st lesson revised Task 1 Lesson 2:Benefits of Exercise and Appropriate forms of exercise Lesson 3: Reserach tasks Research for your Presentation … Unit 6: Leading Sports Activities BTEC Firsts in Sport Lesson Unit content* Activities Links to other units 3 Topic A.2 cont. HD| FC Barceloana 5-0 Real Madrid [La Liga 2010-2011 fecha 13 Highlights], http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2011/03/31/article-1372134-0B6C9DCC00000578-520_634x340.jpg, Personal Excerise Adherence Factors and Strategies. possesion of the ball which would improve his work rate and his overall defensive ability. I can use my good positioning to get me in areas that are a lot easier to defend. Commons, R., Rizzo, G. and Swales, M. (2010) Level 2 BTEC Firsts in Sport Student’s Book, Oxford, (ISBN 978 1 85008 515 7) BTEC First Sport Level 2 Assessment Guide: Fitness for Sport and exercise Unit 1 and Practical Sports Performance Unit 2 (BTEC Sport Assessment Guide), Hodder, 2013 Tutor-led discussion: qualities of … 2 UNIT 5 Training for Personal Fitness Learning aim A Design a personal fitness training programme Assessment criteria 2A.P1 Summarise personal information for designing a fitness training programme 2A.P2 Independently design a safe … Zigic's positioning isn't one of the strongest areas of the his game but isn't one of the key areas of his game which he needs to improve. The course has been made after deliberations with the employers and professional bodies who have been associated with the same field, so that the learners can be given first-hand experience and knowledge. They can use Etherington to take corners or deep free-kicks into the big forward where they are a threat and they can use Rory Delap's long throw which as just as threatening. registered in England (Company No 02017289) with its registered office at 26 Red Lion You will work through the unit and take notes which will help you in your revision. He could improve on his ability to create space around the box by looking to find space in attacking areas in a competitive training session. The BTEC Level 3 National Level Sport course has been developed by taking in the reviews from the academic experts to ensure that the qualification helps in the progression of the higher education. ... BTEC Level 2 Unit 1: Fitness for Sport - Without Principles October 2nd 57 Terms. Due to this there has been calls for goal line technology, which would allow the referee to be able to see if the ball had crossed the line with a replay. the ability of the cardiorespiratory system to work efficiently, supplying nutrients and oxygen to working muscles during sustained physical activity. I wouldn't play the offside rule in a game with younger children as it will be too complicated for them to play. Help your student achieve. London WC1R 4HQ. Zigic was strong in the Birmingham attack, and was key to Birmingham's play. There is also a BONUS - (Lesson timetable to help plan the sessions with your group). Tactics can be the way the team is setup going into matches. If a penalty was awarded i would move the penalty forward rather then putting it back to 12 yards from goal. To help improve younger children's passing ability you could add a rule where five passes count as a goal which will encourage them to pass the ball more frequently. He didn't make enough runs in and around the box which meant that his team mates looking to pass the ball to him were unable to find him in a position where he was likely to score. They have three central midfielders to try and gain possession and play the ball to the attacking players of the pitch on the wings or upfront who have lots of speed, like Marc Albrighton & Ashley Young who can hit there opposition on the break and try and cross the ball into the path of Darren Bent who can score goals. Zigic's work rate is one of the weakest areas to his game as he didn't close down opposition defenders or help out his team mates by chasing back in to midfield when his team weren't in possesion. Tactics in football are strategies that are deployed during games. Failed to track back and failed to close down midfielders. Fun, interactive quiz & prizes.1 mark revision, BTEC Level 3 Sport: Unit 4 - Sports Leadership Unit of Work, Home Learning Stay Active Booklet / Fitness Booklet / Fitness Scheme / Lockdown, EYFS / KS1 PE Ball Skills Unit - 5 lesson plans, KEEP FIT: Fifa 21 Fitness Interactive Training with Mr Murton. ... Unit 1 Fitness for Sport and Exercise has an examination at the end of it. Positioning is one of my strongest abilities as I'm good at reading the game as a defender. The main area of his attacking game that he needs to work on is his shooting. Here you’ll find support for teaching and studying BTEC Firsts in Sport. This optional unit is a popular one amongst institutes. I wouldn't use substitutes as you'd want eveyone to play as frequently as possible. Teams that tend to use the 4-5-1 formation are sides that tend to either play passing football or play off a targetman. Defending is not an ability that I need to improve on as much as my attacking. Awarded once the whole ball crosses the goal line of the opposition, after last touching one of their players. Zigic was subbed off after 65 minutes for Marlon King, whilst Birmingham were losing 2-1. Includes examples of checklists that can be adapted for student use. The 4-4-2 is the most common formation in British football and most teams, especially in the lower leagues tend to use this formation. http://www.talkfootball.co.uk/guides/rules_of_football.html, Assessing the rules, regulations and scoring systems for football, - Either 5 or 7 subs per team, with a maximum of 3 subs per team, - 1 of the 11 players in each time is the goalkeeper, he can handle the ball inside his box, - 1 of the 11 players in each time is the captain. 1 Unit 1, Fitness for Sport and Exercise, is an externally assessed, compulsory unit with three learning aims: Learning aim A: Know about the components of fitness and the principles of training Learning aim B: Explore different fitness training methods Learning aim C: Investigate fitness testing to determine fitness levels. There are five sizes available: Award (70 GLH) Award (95 GLH) It provides you with Sample Marking and Grading Material and Processes as well as Previous Student Work so you can have a feel about how to approach the Unit. Zigic was also caught offside on a couple of occasions in situtions where he could have avoided being offside easily. I would play with fouls, but i wouldn't be strict with fouls and only give a free-kick in certain circumstances. He used his height well and passed the ball off to other team mates well. The package also contains an assignment booklet for each unit to guide … - You wouldn't need linesman at that sort of level of football as making decisions wont be as important. Commons, R., Rizzo, G. and Swales, M. (2010) Level 2 BTEC Firsts in Sport Student’s Book, Oxford, (ISBN 978 1 85008 515 7) BTEC First Sport Level 2 Assessment Guide: Fitness for Sport and exercise Unit 5 Training for Personal Fitness (BTEC Sport Assessment Guide), Hodder, 2013 Andrew Bardsley, Jennifer Stafford-Brown and Simon Rea Websites I would do this by doing training drills that involve me needing to get in to space, such as a training excerise in which two small teams try and keep possesion in a small area.

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